Take Time

In the trades or not, we’ve all had “those” days. You know the ones, they kick your ass, beat you down, make you question what it’s all for. Those days. And it just needs to be said, those are just part of the human condition. They’re inevitable, but not permanent. So, take a look at your life and zoom out, realize that the stronger you are on every other given day the easier those hard days will be. You’ll still hit them, sometimes like a 1-2 punch that you don’t see coming, but you’ll be able to stand tall with your shoulders back facing the world knowing that you’re better for it.

The point is not to be all preachy on work/life balance, that stuff has quickly been proven to be bullshit. That contrast is like saying work vs. life, as if one is bad and one is good and a balance will keep things “manageable” just well enough for you not scream and fall apart. I’m calling that ideal out. Hard. This message should be heard loud and clear, be the best you that you can everyday, at everything you do and you don’t need balance. Push. Pull. Work. Sweat. Relax. Learn. Reflect. Grow. It doesn’t matter what your job is, who your family is, what your creed has become, what your goals are or how far away they are. You can choose to be better everyday. No one deserves to work hard for 5 days a week all to stay numb for 2 days then start over.

When you choose to do your best with each task you take on, you come out on top. You’ll learn that it’s not good vs. bad. Waking up becomes good. Work becomes good. Relationships thrive. Break time hits with a different feeling. Dinner tastes better. Sleep isn’t yearned for as if you can never get enough, it simply fills your tank for another challenge. You learn to manage your time. And when that hard day pops up and wants to kick your ass? You kick it back because it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. And while I’m busy quoting The Matrix, here’s another one that’s even more true. “If we never take time then how can we ever have time?” When you are in control and doing your absolute best at life, all of a sudden you take the time to go to work just like you take the time to relax. You take the time to treat yourself as if you’re someone you care about. The time is yours, the life is yours, you spend it how you see fit. You take on its challenges and welcome happiness as it comes and goes, instead of chasing it endlessly. Instead of manifesting jealousy, instead of wasting time on social media or binge-watching Netflix, instead of sucking down another bag of chips and letting your belly-button collect lint, you own and value the time you take. Better becomes your default choice. The time becomes yours.