"A man asking questions is a fool for a moment, a man not asking questions is a fool for a lifetime."

"If you dwell with a lame man you will learn how to limp."

"It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men."
  • Take Time

    In the trades or not, we’ve all had “those” days. You know the ones, they kick your ass, beat you down, make you question what it’s all for. Those days. And it just needs to be said, those are just part of the human condition. They’re inevitable, but not permanent. So, take a look at…

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  • Be Willing to be Useful

    We hear the scrutiny all the time in the trades. “That apprentice ain’t worth a damn,” or “He ain’t worth sh*t on the tools.” For those of us actually trying our best, fear sometimes sets in and we might question ourselves. “Am I worth a damn? What value have I got? Are my skills good…

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  • Define Your Win

    WIN —verb This post is just like everything you do in your apprenticeship, best begun by defining what it means to WIN. Ask yourself for just a moment, are you actually defining what your goals are? What you actually WANT? What does the definition of your success look like? What are it’s dimensions? And most…

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Quality Traits Mean Gratifying Trades

Results Validate Statistics

Those who complete the Apprenticeship Dedication Program consistently see an increase in educational outcome as well as decreased attrition in apprenticeship completion.

Advance Step by Step

As apprentices advance, continuing introspection creates a stable, progressive commitment to the professional growth of apprentices.

Better Yourself and Your World Follows

Stoic practices and healthy habits lead apprentices down the path of unstoppable development.

Dominate Your Own Life

Start Your Conquest